Simple, fast and accurate
All steps are automated, and you can quickly get lab-accurate blood tests in just three easy steps.

Put 0.1 ml of blood sample

Support whole blood samples, built-in centrifuge, no pre-sample disposal, only 0.1 ml of whole blood, serum or plasma can be tested.

Put in the reagent tray

No maintenance, easy to use in mobile areas and in the field. The key components are imported from the United States, and there are no wearing parts such as night roads and pump valves.

Automatically print reports after 12 minutes

Adopt photoelectric photoelectric color principle, no random error, no cross infection, instrument quality control, calibration automatically completed in real time.

Up to 25 single test projects

Up to 25 individual test tray test items (excluding calculation items) can cover regular items at once.

Intelligent real-time quality control system(IRQC)

The built-in QC system checks the instrument, reagent plate and sample validity before each test and monitors it in real time throughout the test to maximize the accuracy of the test.

Up to 14 single test projects

The instrument can detect up to 26 items, up to 14 individual reagent plate test items (excluding calculation items), and the reagent plate is disposable.

Less consumables

The instrument does not have the traditional biochemical analyzer pump, piping, cleaning and other consumables. The only consumable is the printing paper.

Easy to carry

Portable design, light weight, only 5 kg, and small size, saving space.

Medical reagent tray

26 test items, 6 reagent trays.

The reagent tray is equipped with a lyophilized reagent bead and a water cup (for the diluent) for one-time use and a storage temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius. The white retaining ring prevents the sample remaining in the sample port during centrifugation from escaping and contaminating the environment inside the chamber. The QR code contains product information and other specific features.

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