SMT Distributor Cooperation Program

Seamaty Great emphasis on partnerships. The purpose of the partnership is to help dealers grow better, make them more competitive, and get more out of their investment with minimal investment. The program will help dealers gain better profitability in the market, strengthen their business capabilities, and protect their regional interests and powers.

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By working with Seamaty, you will get

(1)Dealer price

Dealers will get strong spending from Smart

(2)Marketing support

Smart will provide marketing materials and sales support to help dealers promote products


You can get product and maintenance training from Smart. This helps your team better understand the product and serve the customer.

(4)Regional protection

In order to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship, Smart will focus on protecting the interests of dealers in the region and preventing irregular dealer behavior.

(5)customer service

Smart will provide technical and after-sales support to our dealers, respond quickly and provide solutions to ensure the satisfaction of you and your customers.